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100 Kids Who Care Kawartha Lakes gives children the opportunity to learn about their community, empowers them to become advocates for organizations and issues that matter to them, learn the importance of giving back and how they can use their time, treasure and talent to make a difference, and see the impact they can have right here at home in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Here's the basic premise:

  • We work together to recruit at least 100 school-age (Kindergarten- Gr.8) kids in the Kawartha Lakes 

  • Kids commit to attending three 1-hour meetings a year (October/February/April) 

  • At each meeting, kids come prepared to donate $10 each to a local charity that they will vote on 

  • Before each meeting, members are invited to nominate a local charity via our website to be in the running to receive support 

  • The kids then vote on the charity they would like to support.  The charity with the most votes leaves with $10 from each member in attendance!  That charity comes back to the next meeting to give a quick report on the impact the kids’ donation made.


100 Kids Who Care Kawartha Lakes is a partner to help you teach your kids in a real and practical way about giving back; provides online references and resources to build on the principles the kids learn in meetings (eg. opportunities to volunteer, local charitable events to support, ideas for how to incorporate volunteerism and giving into your family’s life); is a great way to start discussions about financial literacy and how charitable giving is an important part of their decision making about finances.




Previous Donations Made:

Academy Theatre - $1000
Kawartha Wildlife Centre - $585
Humane Society - $800
St John Ambulance - $430
Ross Memorial Hospital - $425
Kawartha Lakes Food Source - $310
Meals on Wheels - $1175
Hospice - $560
Kawartha Conservation - $420

Spring 2022 - 43 local kids participated in litter pick ups in 7 different locations around the City of Kawartha Lakes! 
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