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100 Minutes of Giving Ideas


  • Help a neighbour rake the leaves in the yard (20 minutes)

  • Offer to babysit and play with a neighbour’s child so that the mom or dad can get a few errands run or chores finished around the house (60 minutes)

  • Help fold the laundry (15 minutes)

  • Help with the dishes after dinner (10 minutes)

  • Go through your closet and pull out gently used clothes that you don’t need any more and donate them to the Clothesline clothing drive for the  Diabetes Foundation(30 minutes) 

  • Offer to help a friend with difficult homework or a project he needs help with (30 minutes)

  • Volunteer in a Senior Citizens residence (60 minutes)

  • Donate canned goods and other food to the local foodban (30 minutes) 

  • Volunteer to help in a community garden (90 minutes) 

  • Offer to walk a neighbour’s dog (30 minutes)

  • Get together with a group of friends and do a park clean up (remember to use protective gloves and garbage bags!) (60 minutes)



What is the 100 Kids, 100 Minute Challenge?

The 100 Kids, 100 Minute Challenge is an initiative to encourage and inspire kids to give 100 minutes of their time and energy to helping family, friends and neighbours in their community between 100 Kids meetings. The purpose is to show kids that giving their time and talent is just as important as giving money to help others, and to keep the gift of giving going throughout the year.

How does it work?

Kids can come up with their own ideas as to how they would like to spend their 100 minutes of giving. The time can be divided into smaller, more manageable chunks of time for younger children, or the time can be put into one single 100 minute task. And of course, there is no maximum amount of time! If your child wants to give more than 100 minutes, he can!!

How is this 100 Minute Challenge incorporated into the meetings?

Kids will have the opportunity at each meeting to share what they did for their 100 Minute Challenge. Listening to others will provide kids with new ideas and ways they can lend a hand to help, too. Our hope is that the 100 Minutes of Giving will provide ideas that will inspire other kids to do the same and keep the giving going between meetings!

Where can I get some ideas for the 100 Minute Challenge?

The 100 Minutes of Giving can be as simple as helping a neighbour rake the leaves, bring in the garbage, mow the lawn for a grandparent, or helping to babysit a neighbour’s busy toddler. But the objective of the Challenge is to do it freely and willingly without the expectation of monetary payment. In return, we hope your child learns that the best thing in return for an act of kindness is kindness itself, as well as the feeling of fulfillment knowing you’ve helped make a difference in someone’s life.


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